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Alumni Council

Alumni 2017 Council President

Karen Lim

“I graduated from the best school in the nation in 2014 with a double major in neuroscience and evolutionary anthropology. After graduation, I completed my master in health administration at University of Southern California, and now work as a financial analyst at PIH Health. Living in LA now, it’s been amazing to be able to keep in touch and catch up with my sisters no matter where in the world they are. Phi Rho Alpha greatly changed my college career and I am so happy to have met all my sisters. I am so excited to serve on our alumni council. “

Alumni Council Finance

Abigail Simone

“I graduated April of 2016 with a degree in Movement Science with the hopes of going on to become a Physician Assistant. Since I love U of M so much, I decided to stay an extra year to do a Masters degree in Molecular and Integrative Physiology. Plus I wasnt about to miss out on the Harbaugh Hype. I will graduate with my M.S. in June 2017 and begin applications for M.S. number two. I am excited to be able to give back to the sorority and stay in touch with my sisters since Phi Alpha was such an integral part of my undergraduate years!”

Alumnae Council Events

Rocky Juco

“I’m a Lambda (peace up, Lambdas down!) and I graduated in 2013 with my degree in English Language & Literature. After graduation, I worked in Ann Arbor for a couple of years and then I went out to Los Angeles and did some background acting, but now I’m back at University of Michigan working as a Human Resources Assistant for the Office of Student Life. Phi Rho Alpha made my college experience the Phinest experience I could possibly imagine, so I’m happy to be back on campus to give back to my sisters by organizing events to strengthen our bond!”

Alumnae Council Communications

Alex Plichta

“After graduating the University of Michigan, I spent a year trying to figure out what my next move was while being a supervisor of a bank and bartending part time. In August 2016, I packed up my stuff and moved to Austin, TX where I’m getting my MBA at St. Edward’s University and working in the customer success department of an incredible start-up called OutboundEngine. I look forward to using the skills I’m currently learning to make sure that everyone in Phi Rho Alpha is aware of the trajectory of our wonderful Sorority while fostering relationships between active Sisters and Alumnae.”